Now in its third year, the PRCA Platinum Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the very highest standards in global public relations. The Awards offer organisations and individuals the opportunity to benchmark their work against the leading practitioners and teams from around the world.

Entry to the Platinum Awards is available exclusively to award-winning agencies, teams and individuals, as well as those who’ve been shortlisted in awards programmes within the past 12 months. The Awards pit leading entries from around the world against each other to showcase and reward the very best in global communications.

Why the PRCA Platinum Awards?


  • Reach the pinnacle of PR excellence – Put your work up against other award-winners and finalists.
  • Gain global recognition – Get the international credit you deserve and build your reputation overseas.
  • Reward your team – Shine a light on your team’s fantastic work and boost the morale of every team member that contributed.
  • Boost your reputation – Win new business and open opportunities for new clientele by having your work celebrated by the world’s largest PR body.


Member early bird entry: US$235+VAT
Non Member early bird entry: US$305+VAT

Member standard entry: US$285+VAT
Non Member standard entry: US$370+VAT

Diversity Award / Global Rising Star Award: Free entry for PRCA members /  US$100+ VAT for Non Members

A 20% discount is available for registered charities. Email for more information.

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Campaign Awards

B2B Award
Recognises work that involves the promotion of products and services from one business to another. Entries can relate to a niche business sector or to the business community at large.

Best Use of Data and Analytics Award
This category is aimed at establishing the best campaign or programme using reporting and measurement. You should detail how the reporting or measurement programme was innovative, how it was conceived, and the benefits gained. This could be a one-off campaign or for an ongoing programme. Details of the campaign, including outcomes achieved and approximate budget, should be included in the submission.

Broadcast Award
This award recognises campaigns that use the broadcast medium effectively, either on its own or as part of an of an integrated programme of PR and targeted marketing activity. This can include podcasts, radio, TV, film, and entertainment.

Charity and Not-for-Profit Award
This category will recognise work by/or on behalf of charities, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. If there is a fundraising aspect to your entry, you must include an explanation of how the entry has contributed to the financial stability or fundraising objectives of the organisation.

Consumer Relations Award
This award recognises work that involves the promotion of products or services to consumers, delivered by the private, public or charitable sectors

Consumer Technology Award
This award highlights work for technology products, services, or brands, targeted at the consumer market.

Crisis And Issues Management Award
Entries will recognise the work undertaken in a crisis situation and/or managing difficult issues. This might be by promoting an alternative perspective, or indeed by keeping an issue out of the media altogether. The successful entry will show effective communication strategy, including objectives and method deployed in a time of crisis. Judges are especially aware of the need for discretion in this category.

Digital and Social Media Award
This category will highlight the campaigns that include a large element of digital and social media work. This can be individually or as part of an integrated programme of PR and targeted marketing activity. If a part of a longer-term project, clear aims and outcomes of the overall goal should be identified as well as the specific activity.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award
This award showcases work furthering efforts towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society. This could include both internal or client work and might be focused on ethnicity, age, disability, sexuality, gender identity, religious belief, socioeconomic background, educational attainment, neurodiversity or any other aspect of diversity. Judges are looking for both creativity in addressing the issue and evidence of clear impact of the work or campaign on the specified aspect of DEI being tackled.

Please note: the judging criteria for this category is different to the standard campaign categories. See the awards toolkit for more information.

Employee Engagement Award
This award recognises campaigns that use internal communications to engage staff, drive organisational change, deliver increased stakeholder value, or change an organisation’s ethos. Entries should detail how on-going strategy has shown significant improvement and further engagement within the internal team.

Health and Wellbeing Award
This category will cover work across the whole range of healthcare and well-being PR, including national healthcare, private healthcare, pharma, and medical research (including animal research). Campaigns and/or projects could relate to a healthcare issue, consumer healthcare product, facility, or initiative.

Integrated Campaign Award
This award recognises work that uses integrated communications, led by public relations, in order to achieve excellent results.

Media Relations Award
This award recognises campaigns that use targeted media relations to achieve creative, imaginative and outstanding results. The use of supporting material may be effective when needing to stand out from the crowd in this category.

Purpose Award 
Recognising societal need, impact made, employee engagement, CEO activism and Sustainable Development Goals. The winning entry will need to show clear evidence of the campaign’s ultimate impact, as well as demonstrating a strong link to business objectives. One-off campaigns with a strong rationale will still be considered. Agencies, brands, public sector bodies, non-profits, and NGOs can enter this category.

Strategic Communications Award
This award focuses on strategic communications and would be suitable for teams working on stakeholder management, public affairs, and strategic consultancy.

Team Awards

Small Consultancy Award
This category is open to any consultancy with under 15 employees. Please refer to the awards toolkit for more information.

Medium Consultancy Award
This category is open to any consultancy with 15-30 employees. Please refer to the awards toolkit for more information.

Large Consultancy Award 
This category is open to any consultancy with 31 or more employees. Please refer to the awards toolkit for more information.

In-house Team Award
This category is open to any in-house private, not-for-profit or public sector PR and communications team. Judges will look for the role PR and communications play in the wider organisation, effective use of resources, and general contribution to the organisation’s objectives. As with all team categories, judges will mark your entry against the following criteria: team performance; staff; financial; and innovation.

Individual Awards

Global Rising Star of the Year
Open to young individuals (under the age of 30 years old at the time of the final entry deadline of 14th June 2024) in both consultancies and in-house teams. The winner will be recognised for an outstanding performance within their organisation and to the wider PR industry. Nominations for this award can be made by the individual themselves, a colleague, or employer.

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